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Shredding & Screening

  • Shredders, Grinders, Chippers, Screens

Doppstadt (Germany)

Doppstadt is a worldwide leading supplier for environmental technology.
More than 50 years of experience as manufacturer and expert in environmental and recycling solutions.
Machines are in operation in more than 40 countries.

Product range
Shredders, Grinders, Chippers, Screens

  • Plastic Shredders

Untha (Austria)

Efficient waste shredders for shredding coarse and medium-sized waste, plastic and pulper ropes.
The XR is a high-performance shredder utilized as a pre-shredder or single-phase shredding solution for the production of refuse derived fuels (RDF) with low maintenance and a long service life.

Product range
Plastic Shredders

Material Handling

  • Multi Loaders, Material Handlers

Sennebogen (Germany)

Sennebogen is a leading company in material handling. The material handlers offer highest performance, capacity and maximum reliability and safety.
In addition to the performance, the Sennebogen machines stand out due to the optimum usability, comfort and easy maintenance.

Product range
Multi Loaders, Material Handlers

  • Walking Excavators

Menzi Muck (Switzerland)

Menzi Muck is the world’s first company which developed a walking excavator.
The special features are based on a sophisticated high-tech chassis and the patented boom: various hydraulic cylinders enable the all-rounder to adapt its wheels and supports to any terrain.

Product range
Walking Excavators


  • Harvester Heads, Yarders, Skyliners, Wheel Harvesters

Konrad (Austria)

Konrad is a worldwide leading company in forestry equipment, specialized in innovative forestry machines and attachments.
Versatile, innovative and reliable products for different applications and tasks.

Product range
Harvester Heads, Yarders, Skyliners, Wheel Harvesters

  • Forwarders

Gremo (Sweden)

Flexible and powerful forwarders excellent for thinning work and hours of timber driving.
In addition to the engine strength, it is also light, compact and quiet.
Smart features enable reducing fuel consumption and improving profitability.

Product range

  • Chokers

Ludwig (Germany)

LudwigSystem produces radio-controlled load hooks (chokers) for forestry.
For increased security and efficiency and made for difficult terrain in combination with cable cranes or winches.

Product range

  • Mulchers

Seppi M. (Italy)

Seppi M. offers products for professional agriculture, landscape maintenance and forestry.
Forest mulchers for tractors and excavators are able to mulch brush and trees up to big diameters.
The Seppi M. products are sold throughout the world.

Product range

  • Felling Heads


Bracke Forest has manufactured forestry equipment and machines. Bracke design machines to ensure that conservation of the environment without lowering the standards for technically and economically efficient forestry. All product development takes place in close co-operation with forestry companies, contractors and Swedish forestry research.

Product range
Felling Heads


Iggesund Forest(Sweden)

Iggesund Forest is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of harvester bars.

Product range

Separation & Sorting

  • Ballistic Separators, Moving Floors

BRT Hartner (Germany)

BRT HARTNER specializes in equipment for recycling and waste sorting applications. In providing customized systems and fully integrated solutions for the sorting and recycling industries, BRT HARTNER contributes to the customers’ long-term profitability.

Product range
Ballistic Separators, Moving Floors

  • 3D Screens, Flip-Flow Screens, Combi Screens

Spaleck (Germany)

Spaleck is a high-quality manufacturer of screening machines with maximum performance and reliability.

Product range
3D Screens, Flip-Flow Screens, Combi Screens

  • Magnets, Eddy Current, Sensor based Sorting

Steinert (Germany)

Steinert offers innovative solutions for the separation of valuable materials and enables increasing customer profitability through higher recovery and reducing operational costs.
Steinert is a global leader in manufacturing, innovative sensor sorting and traditional magnetic separation technology.

Product range
Magnets, Eddy Current, Sensor based Sorting

  • Robotic Sorting

ZenRobotics (Finland)

The ZenRobotics Recycler ZRR is the world’s first AI-powered robotic waste sorting system. The robots accurately separate chosen waste fractions from solid waste streams.
Designed to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of waste separation, ZRR is the next generation of recycling.

Product range
Robotic Sorting

  • Granulators


MG Recycling is an international leading company for separating copper, aluminum and other valuable materials from waste of electrical cable and wires.

Product range

  • Light Material Separators

SWT Waste Technology (Netherlands)

The AirMagnet separates light materials from C&D waste. The separation is based on surface to weight ratio.

Product range
Light Material Separators

Biomass Cogeneration

  • Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Bekon (Germany)

The BEKON process is a single-step fermentation process for production of biogas by dry fermentation.
Bulk materials with a high dry-substance content can be digested without the need for any complex pre-treatment of the fermentation material.

Product range
Anaerobic Digestion Plants

  • Wood Gasification CHP Plants

LiPRO Energy (Germany)

The LiPRO Wood Gasification CHP Plant is an innovative renewable energy conversion facility. Conversion of solid biofuel (wood chips) into combustible syngas which is then converted to thermal and mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is converted to electric power.

Product range
Wood Gasification CHP Plants

Composting & Agriculture

  • Compost Turners

Backhus (Germany)

Backhus is a leading manufacturer of windrow turners.
Automatic operation lane turners enable easy handling and low maintenance.

Product range
Compost Turners

  • Mixers, Universal & Manure Spreaders

Strautmann (Germany)

Strautmann produces a wide range of mixers and spreaders for agriculture.

Product range
Mixers, Universal & Manure Spreaders

Hose Guards / Work Wear

  • Hose Guards

Havel (Finland)

Havel has developed and manufactured the world-renowned hose guards. HAVEL plastic hose guards efficiently protect hoses and electrical wires from external wear, friction and dents.

Product range
Hose Guards

  • Workwear

Engelbert Straus (Germany)

As the market leader in the workwear field, we are changing the face of many industries. Be its durable material for extreme conditions, flexible stretch materials with maximum freedom of movement or trendy styles for the gastro and medical fields.

Product range

Plant Design

Plant Design

Layout and design of recycling plants.

Parts & Service

Parts & Service

Wear and spare parts as well as after sales service fo all our machines and equipment.